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The Ultimate Friends Bridal Shower Printable Package

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Hosting a Friends themed bridal shower? Look no further than this ultimate Friends bridal shower decorations printable package! Simply download and print from home or your local print shop!

This listing is for digital products ONLY - NO physical items will be shipped. These files are NOT editable by the buyer/are NOT editable templates.

* PLEASE NOTE: ALL of the files below come as PDFs with crop marks (with the exception of some trivia and games) for printing and cropping at home (or printing at a local print shop and cropping yourself). These are NOT single file JPEG files that you would print via Vistaprint or another online print shop.

• Friends He's Her Lobster banner (black and purple) - (2 5" panels per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends banner (full alphabet + 0-9, in black, purple and white) (2 5" panels per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends food and drink signs (24) (2 5x7" signs per 8.5x11" pg) (see here for all signs)
• Friends food tents (24) + 4 blank tents (4 3.5x2" tents per 8.5x11” pg) (see here for tents)
• Friends cupcake toppers (20 2" toppers per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends Phoebe's Cups & Ice sign (5x7" and 8x10")
• Friends We'll Be There for You sign (5x7" and 8x10")
• Friends photo booth sign (5x7" and 8x10")
• Friends photo booth props (15) (multiple per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends favor sign (5x7" and 8x10")
• Friends favor tags (12 3.5 x 2” tags per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends cards and gifts sign (5x7" and 8x10")
• Friends love quotes (6) (2 5x7" quotes per 8.5x11" pg) 
• Friends love quotes with pictures (5) (2 5x7" quotes per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends Celebrate the Bride-to-Be sign (5x7" and 8x10")

• Friends wedding trivia game (1 per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends How Well Do You Know the Bride game (1 per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends Advice for the Bride to Be sign (5x7" and 8x10") + Advice for the Bride to Be cards (2 5x7" cards per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends Bamboozled Ring game sign (5x7" and 8x10")
• Friends What's in Your Purse game (1 per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends Bridal Shower Scattergories game (1 per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends Guess Who Said It - Bride or Groom game (1 per 8.5x11" pg)
• Friends The One with What the Bride is Wearing game (1 per 8.5x11" pg)


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After placing your order you will receive an email with a link to download your files. All files come as zip files - simply download and move all files to another folder in order to download and print them.

If you would like to customize any of these files, please email for a quote.

There are NO refunds or exchanges offered on any non-edited files as the files are available instantly upon purchase.

All files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not resell or share files.

If you don't receive your download link or have any issues please email me at and I'll help you out!